A. GEOPHYSICAL SURVEY                                             

We provide integrated survey for Upstream/Downstream companies, internationally renowned project management consultants and EPC/Installation contractors in the geographies we operate. Our services include:

  • Hydrographic & Geophysical Survey
  • Geo Hazard Surveys/2D HIRES
  • Construction Support for Offshore Pipe lay and platform / SPM Installation
  • Precise surface positioning for offshore installation and Pile monitoring activities
  • Subsea positioning support for underwater construction and diver tracking
Swath Bathymetry

Swath Bathymetry

Dedicated Offshore Geotechnical Vessel

Dedicated Offshore Geotechnical Vessel


(Marine and Offshore)

We have steadily expanded our marine geotechnical capabilities to meet the increased demand for integrated geological and geophysical surveys from Shore to Deep Ocean including, seabed sampling, In- Situ testing, soil sampling and rock coring in water depths up to 1500mtrs. Some of our geo-technical investigations expertises are as below:

  • Mobilize suitable marine spread depending on the water depth
  • 5-20m: Jack up Platforms
  • 20-100m: Four Point Mooring Vessel
  • >100m : DP Vessel
  • Drilling in all types of Soil & Rock
  • In-situ testing including downhole CPT
  • Continuous CPT using seabed operated unit
  • Rig based coring
  • Vibro coring
  • Drop & Grab sampling
  • Offshore Laboratory
  • Onshore Laboratory


    • Preparation of Factual Report
    • Preparation of Engineering Report:
    • Estimation of Pile Capacity, p-y, t-z, q-z curves
    • Mud mat Analysis/ Shallow Foundation Analysis
    • Pile/conductor drivability analysis using GRL WEAP software including stick and fatigue during driving analysis
    • Foundation Assessment & Leg Penetration Analysis of Jack up Rig
    • Liquefaction Potential Assessment