1. State of Art Cyclic Triaxial Test System (meeting the requirement of ASTM 5311/3999)
    The New Cyclic Triaxial Test System is capable of performing:

    • Stress Strain Path control tests
    • Cyclic Stress test
    • Cyclic Strain test
    • Determination of modulus and damping properties of soil
    • Liquefaction Potential Assessment test check
  2. Bender Element and Oscilloscope Triaxial Cell with Piezoelectric sensor
  3. Resonant Column Test- Coming Soon
  4. Direct simple Shear- Coming Soon
  5. Pile Driving Analyser
  6. Geosynthetic Material Testing
  7. Soil & Rock Testing Laboratory

Cyclic Triaxial Test System

Volume Change Behaviour

Pile Driving Analyser

Geosynthetic Material Testing